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ScentWick Candles: Inspiring Conversation with Voyage Ohio Magazine

We're thrilled to share that ScentWick Candles had the honor of being featured in an interview with Voyage Ohio Magazine in November 2022! 🕯️ In this very first interview, we opened up about our journey, the challenges we've faced, and the sweet victories that have defined our path in the world of artisanal candles.


labeling Ohio Home handmade candle from ScentWick Candles


From the moment we lit our first wick, our story has been one filled with passion and dedication. In the interview, we delved into the roots of ScentWick Candles and we spilled the wax on the obstacles we've overcome. Our accomplishments, both big and small were celebrated during the chat.


ScentWick Candles White Tea handmade say candle in white glass jar


Curious about what makes our candles stand out? Eager to learn about the hands and hearts behind the scents? Dive into the full interview for an intimate look into the ScentWick world.


putting lids on ScentWick Candles Copper & Gold Collection candle


As we bask in the glow of this feature, we invite you to join us in celebrating the magic of scents and stories. Share your thoughts with us on Instagram and Facebook and stay tuned for more aromatic adventures from ScentWick Candles. Cheers to the sweet aroma of success and the delightful stories that make life fragrantly beautiful! ✨🌺

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