Top 5 Amazon candle accessories that every candle lover needs ScentWick Candles from Toledo Ohio woman holding a candle

Top 5 Amazon Candle Accessories that Every Candle Lover Needs

Candles are a great way to set the mood and create a relaxing atmosphere. But did you know that there are a number of accessories that can make your candle-burning experience even better?
From wick trimmers and candle snuffers to candle holders and wax warmers, there are a number of tools that can help you get the most out of your candles. And the best part is that these accessories are relatively inexpensive and easy to find!
In this article, we’ll share with you the top 5 Amazon finds when it comes to candle accessories and candle care. From wick trimmers to wax warmers, these are the must-have tools for anyone who loves candles! This article contains sponsored links from the Amazon affiliate program, and we might earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

Candle Care Sets

The first candle accessory on our list is a candle care set. RONXS 3 in 1 Candle Accessory Set includes a wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and wick dipper. A wick trimmer is essential for proper candle burning and should be in every candle lover's household, as the wick should be trimmed before each burning session. This black wick trimmer set features a lovely gift box that makes it perfect for gift-giving.

Not a fan of black color? This candle care set also comes in copper and silver finish to match every home decor style.



Another one of our favorite wick trimmer sets is by UPLumpySpace, which features a storage tray along with the wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and wick dipper. So you can have all your candle tools stored in one place.


Amazon has tons of different candle care set options in several different colors and styles.

Electric Candle Lighter

I got an electric candle lighter a few years ago for Christmas, and it was a game-changer. Electric candle lighters are longer, so you can easily reach the wick without burning your thumbs once the candle is halfway gone, but it also doesn't need any butane refills, so you can use them over and over, saving you money in the long run. Just plug it in and recharge it when needed. One thing I especially like about ARECTECH Lighter is that it features LED lights indicating when the battery needs to be recharged. The manufacturer also advertises that the lighter can be used up to 500 times before recharging again. Wow. They also come in several colors, including rose gold, blue, green, and silver.
Check out all other different styles and options that Amazon has to offer.

Candle Holders

The third candle essential on our list are candle holders and candle trays. Not only do they protect your surfaces against potential heat damage and accidental spills, but they also look cool and add a little more sophistication to your space. You can also decorate them and turn them into a decorative centerpiece.
If you are looking for a simple and sleek candle plate, the black metal candle plate by SUJUN could be the perfect option for you. These come in a 2-pack and are very inexpensive yet chic and simple.
Another candle plate that we love is this Blacksmith Candle Holder. It is made out of iron, and it has a diameter of 5" to fit even larger candles.
For the last candle holder, we have this elegant and sleek white metal candle tray. It has a diameter of 4.33" and comfortably fits medium to large size candles. The simple design and timeless, elegant look fits every modern and retro space. The best part is, that this candle holder is also available in gold finish.

Candle warmers

You know sometimes when a candle doesn't burn all the way down? Or is there a lot of wax still left over on the side of a jar? While the chances of this happening to your ScentWick Candles are minimal as we test every type of jar for the correct wick size, sometimes you can run into these issues with other mass-produced candles. Or maybe you have pets or small children, and you are not comfortable with burning candles, but you'd still like to enjoy your favorite scent. 
Some of you might have heard about them, and some might not but let me introduce you to candle warmers. Simply place your candle on top of the candle warmer and let the heat melt the wax, and release the wonderful scent.
The first one on our list is a pretty standard and inexpensive candle warmer. It features a 4.25-inch heating plate which comfortably fits a standard 4-inch candle. For the current $9.99, this is the best option for anyone who's looking for an affordable, functional candle warmer. Also available in black color.
If you are looking for something more elegant and sophisticated, this second option might be the one for you. We love the sleek, modern design. This candle warmer is also equipped with a timer and automatic shut-off, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. With a price tag of $23.99, this is the winner for us. 
Our last pick from the candle warmer category is a candle warmer lamp. Candle warmer lamps are the most expensive candle accessory we mentioned in this article, but that's no surprise. Not only are they functional, but they also serve as a decorative element in your home. There is a surprisingly wide selection of candle warmer lamps on Amazon, ranging in styles and prices. But we chose this one specifically because it combines the style, looks, and reasonable price. For $39.99, this is our winner in candle warmer lamp category. The beautiful modern look combined with the wooden base for a more natural look. It also comes with 3 replacement light bulbs as a bonus and features 3 timing settings and 4 brightness adjustments. Is black color not the right fit for your decor? This lamp also comes in a white color option!

Wax Warmers

This category is very similar to the previous one. Same flameless scent delivery, but this time for your wax melts, also known as wax tarts. Wax warmers are the best option for those who like to change the fragrance based on their mood or like to burn different scents on different days. Tired of the same scent after a few days? Just simply dump the melted wax back into the clamshell and use it on a different day. Wipe down the warmer with a paper towel, and you're ready for a new scent. All regular wax warmers are also suitable for our Wax Melt Scoopies that we offer in our online store.

Once again, Amazon offers a huge selection of wax warmers. We picked these three based on their different unique styles and how they fit with different types of home decor. 

The first wax warmer is a glass warmer with a 3D fireworks-like pattern inside of it. Aside from its functionality as a wax warmer, this also adds a certain artistic value to your home, and it will definitely become a conversation starter. Next up is more of an industrial-looking wax warmer. We love the rustic industrial look as well as the lid that covers the melted wax. The third option is perfect for someone with a farmhouse-style kitchen. Love the "milk jug" look as well as the metal "Gather" detail, which illuminates by the warmer's lightbulb. This would create the perfect Farmhouse moment when paired with one of our candles from the Farmhouse Collection. 

Click on the pictures below to learn more about each product. 



And that is it for the "Top 5 Amazon Candle Accessories that Every Candle Lover Needs" article. We hope you enjoyed the article and found some useful information here, as well as inspiration for some gifts and home decor ideas. All prices mentioned in this article were accurate at the time we wrote it, and they may change in the future. 

Also, don't forget that if you purchase any of the products through our sponsored links, we might receive a commission at no additional cost to you. This will help us continue writing interesting articles about anything candle related. Thank you for your support, and we'll see you next time.

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